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We are going to discuss here a plugin that can be very useful when we don’t want to miss any minute of a TV program: Timeshift

[i]Timeshift runs by pausing the broadcast of the channel we are watching, to resume it whenever we want. [/ i] The operation works as follows:

When we start the plugin, by pressing the Pause button on the remote control, Timeshift begins to record the broadcast, and when we resume the broadcast (that is, we “remove” the pause by pressing the Play) the plugin starts playing back what you have recorded from the beginning.

You have to understand that this process is not a normal recording:

while the recording is played from the beginning (the point where we pause the broadcast), the broadcast continues being recorded in real time at the end of the temporary file. This works by this way so that there can be a continuity, a continuous flow, if not, we would have a jump in the image and the sound when the broadcast of the program was recovered.

The result is that, when we want, we pause the playback, and when we resume it, it starts from the exact point where we had left it.

Logically, we must configure a device (HDD, USb, etc) where to save the temporary Timeshift recording, this can be done easily from Recordings&Timeshift -> Recording settings menu.

To use the Timeshift function you don’t have to go anywhere, just press the Pause key on the remote control while you are watching a channel.

Immediately the image will stop (it will be paused), and a progress bar will appear on the TV indicating that recording has started. (Depending on the installed skin, it can be displayed at the top or at the bottom. In the example, in the Confluence skin, it is displayed at the top of the screen)

When we want to resume the broadcast, we only have to press the Play button and the channel will continue playing from the point where we left off.

When the event ends and we want to return to real time broadcast, simply press Stop button and accept we want to exit from Timeshift,

and after an image jumping, this will show the real time broadcast of the event.

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